5 Medieval Villages of Minho | Private Tour

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  • 5 Medieval Villages of Minho tour
  • 5 Medieval Villages of Minho tour
  • 5 Medieval Villages of Minho tour
  • 5 Medieval Villages of Minho tour
  • 5 Medieval Villages of Minho tour
  • 5 Medieval Villages of Minho tour
  • 5 Medieval Villages of Minho tour

5 Medieval Villages of Minho

5 Medieval Villages of Minho this is a private tour. Minho River is the northern most border of Portugal. Most importantly and for this reason there was a special attention in their settlement, since their formation as a nation independent in the middle ages because this circumstance gave rise to five boroughs highly fortified with magnificent views, Caminha, Cerveira, Valença, Monção and Melgaço.
Today, the river that once separated us from Galicia, is the great road that unites us.


Surrounded by fresh and salt water. Here you will find one of the best fish markets on your way. Crossing to nearby Spain is also easy here. While there is no bridge, cars and people can take a ferry to A Pasaxe, right below Santa Tecla village and bronze age remains.


Surrounded by art. Focusing on art, culture and creativity as distinctive elements. Vila Nova de Cerveira has maintained over the years, a healthy and balanced relationship between cultural heritage and contemporary creation.


Is still a city whose historical center is surrounded by castle walls, Valença is divided in two: the  fortified village and the living town where one of the most famous open markets.

Monção and Melgaço:

Are surrounded by endless vineyards.
The small medieval town with its tower overlooking the valley is a nice point to start a trip by the Minho river or the Peneda Geres Natural Park. This location helps the growth of wine, which is protected under the Alvarinho brand, considered one of the best brands for white wine in the world.
Melgaço has one of its most popular festivities by the end of November, when they organize a festival to promote sparkling Alvarinho and Vinho Verde: the Feira do Espumante de Melgaço. If you visit Melgaço in April, check the Festa do Alvarinho e do Fumeiro, when local producers of wine and salted meats gather to show their produces.

All Viana do Castelo district:
(Ponte de Lima, Caminha, Melgaço and more) in Portugal.
Vigo, Baiona, LaGuardia and Tui in Galiza
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