Nuno Cardal


November 17, 2018

Nuno Cardal

Was born in Lisbon, in May 1967. By the year 1990 he graduated in history in Faculty of letters of the University of Coimbra. Where he developed some works in the field of photography.
His career has always been linked to the areas of culture and advertising.
Was responsible for European Development Program of cultural and tourist Infrastructures. Worked in production of RTP cultural program “Ponto por Ponto”. He was a collaborator of Professor Jose Hermano Saraiva on television programmes.
Worked in various advertising agencies. He developed the videopainéis network which is now in the city of Lisbon and he is the author of the book McCann 65 years of Advertising in Portugal. With several publications in the area of photography.
As a professional photographer, coordinated and executed the photographic work for an encyclopedia about Lisbon because of that, in the summer of 2008, the EDP Foundation held the exhibition “Day and Night”, dedicated to his work.
He is the Portuguese photographer with the highest number of photography books published in Portugal, some of them with translations in 5 languages.

Works published in the 21st century:

  • Lisboa Iluminada (4ª edition)
  • Portugal Iluminado (3ª edition)
  • Porto Iluminado (2ª edition)
  • Lisboa Panoramas (3ª edition)
  • Portugal Panoramas (4ª edition)
  • Porto e Douro Panoramas
  • Sintra Panoramas (3ª edition)
  • Madeira Panoramas
  • Portugal Panorâmico (2ª edition)
  • Porto e Douro Panorâmico
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